Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments: A Comparative Study (bibtex)
@InProceedings{verschaeRec2008ECCV, title = "{F}ace {R}ecognition in {U}nconstrained {E}nvironments: {A} {C}omparative {S}tudy", author = "Rodrigo Verschae and Javier {Ruiz-del-Solar} and Mauricio Correa", abstract = "{T}he development of face recognition methods for unconstrained environments is a challenging problem. {T}he aim of this work is to carry out a comparative study of existing face recognition methods that are suitable to work properly in these environments. {T}he analyzed methods are selected by considering their performance in former comparative studies, in addition to be real-time, to require just one image per person, and to be fully online (no requirements of offline enrollment). {T}he methods are compared using the {LFW} database, which was built to evaluate face recognition methods in real-world conditions. {T}he results of this comparative study are intended to be a guide for developers of face recognition systems.", language = "{E}nglish", affiliation = "{D}epartment of {E}lectrical {E}ngineering - {U}niversidad de {C}hile", booktitle = "Workshop on {F}aces in '{R}eal-{L}ife' {I}mages: {D}etection, {A}lignment, and {R}ecognition", address = "{M}arseille {F}rance", organization = "{E}rik {L}earned-{M}iller and {A}ndras {F}erencz and {F}r{\'e}d{\'e}ric {J}urie", audience = "international", year = "2008", URL = "http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00326730/en/", keywords = "Face Recognition, Face Analysis", comment = {[pdf] Presentation}, }
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